What Is the Difference? Amazon Is Also on Fire!


It is a pity to watch the fires devour the forests of amazon, wildfires all over the world require from us humans to take action against it. The difference between the recent wildfire in the Middle East and the amazon fire is explained in the following points below

Causes (, Purposes) Forests were burned (by humans: i.e. deforestation) to allow the land for agricultural use

Crops –which has existed as agriculture there since 8000 BCE– has been burned during an extreme hot summer

Effect on Nature Huge and permanent damages on the local and global environment

Damages on the global environment through Carbon emissions

Effect on the Locals – During Conflagration: High risk on lives and health.  
– After Conflagration: N.A.

– During Conflagration: High risk on lives and health.  
– After Conflagration: food shortage, poverty and local destabilization

Land-Use and Crops of the Local Agriculture Sugarcane
Oil Palms
Vegetable Straight Oil as Fuel (SVO)
Final Productions (examples) Coconut oil
Palm Oil SVO / PPO “Biofuels”
– Bread
– Vast majority of the traditional food and local cuisine

Serve the Interests Of: Multinational Corporation (MNC)

The local people (mainly poor families)

/ Fire-Suppression Difficulty
Very Expensive

/ Difficult because of topography and the use of aerial firefighting
Affordable costs

/ In a quick reaction: Suppression can be not difficult

What Is the Point of That Comparison?

It is not only amazon! The world is foxing a serious wildfire and conflagration problem. We at UFFA wanted to point out differences between wildfires in two different places around the world and at the same year. This may help to understand the causes and see the bigger image.

“There is no good and bad wildfire”

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