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UFFA – United For Fire Awareness is a place where people can contribute their ideas about fighting destructive wildfires – especially inside conflict areas -. WE SUPPORT LOCAL PEOPLE AFFECTED BY WILDFIRE


We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to protect himself against wildfire. We support local people in conflict areas – like Syria and Iraq – to respond to constructive wildfires with simple and affordable tools.


Fighting destructive wildfires is a tough topic, especially inside conflict areas in the development countries. This issue is getting harder to handle where there is a critical lack of equipment besides the shortage of appropriate training.

UFFA is a platform, where we collect and create ideas and instructions. We guide the locals how to respond to wildfire in future.


Our vision is of a world where all people can protect their nature, families, and themselves against wildfire.


Our mission is to support and help people regardless which language and education level they have. Our focus currently is on the war-torn countries in the Middle East. UFFA presents its content through simplified videos and brochures, which are available in three local languages besides a “visual” language.

Our Content

At UFFA, we produce content using simple illustrations, figures and images. These can be:

Printable instructions (PDF)

Tutorials and awareness videos

Statics and maps regarding wildfire

And maybe in future: fire safety and alarm apps

How does UFFA start?

In summer 2019 a series of severe wildfires was happening during 2 months in the middle east. Over 90 people lost their lives, hundreds had third-degree burns.

As a reaction, some individuals (students and engineers) decided to DO something. Since wildfire is not a new issue, However, it’s burning the last hope of “basic” living in the region!

That’s how UFFA was born. A platform, where we collect and create ideas and instructions, guiding the locals (how to respond to the wildfire) in future. UFFA presents its content through simplified videos and brochures. These are available in three local languages and a “visual” language.

Wheat Cultivation was historically the main factor in stabilizing the Middle East. Destructing its agriculture is eliminating the last hope of any future stabilization. Without a proper food security and self-sufficiency: the current humanitarian crises could increase significantly.

We give the opportunity to everyone who wants to participate and create the content with us. Contact us to discover HOW you can join our team.

5 thoughts on “ABOUT UFFA”

  1. Your team seems to show a lot of promise. It’s always great when you try to find solutions for the wildfire problem. I’ve learned a lot of new information through your website.
    I hope you continue your great job 👍

  2. Hello dear UFFA team, that is such a HUGE effort! I can only appreciate your valuable information regarding fire safety and awareness. As a member of a locally active NGO in Syria and Iraq I would like republish your materials for the local people. Where can I download the printable instructions you’ve mentioned above as PDF?

    Helen Amed

  3. Hello there ✋ Maria is here. There are many primitive and inexpensive firefighting techniques. I think this should be the main aspect that should be focused on, like “cutting off air” which is something that has been mentioned on your website.

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